To facilitate activation after a new installation of Windows, you can associate your license with your Microsoft account. Then you can install the system without entering a windows 10 license key and account logon after Microsoft it immediately will be activated automatically.

Let’s see how to activate Windows 10 in this way?

Activating Windows 10

During the OS installation, we need to always enter a license key. If we have a laptop and OEM key, he becomes attached to the motherboard. That is, after installing the system will always be activated based on the license binding to the motherboard and in this case, you can make repeated installation without entering the code. In this situation, the need to enter the key disappears, however.

Not every user has a laptop and tethered to the motherboard OEM key-“ordinary” license in no way connected with specific components of the computer. If you want to use this license windows 10 professional key purchase when you reinstall, you must always enter product code. And it’s not really convenient. However, there is a simple solution to this problem.

How to bind a license to “Microsoft” account

In Windows you can bind 10 license to Microsoft account. In this case, the system can be installed without entering a license code, instead, when you configure a user can just log under the Microsoft account. On the basis of the license will be tested and the system will be activated. Agree, quickly and easily, without having to enter a license code. 10 Windows license will be tied to your account on the same principle as bound, for example, the license for computer games in Steam accounts or Origin.


To bind in the installed system windows 10 professional key 2016 need to go to the start menu and using the gear icon “launch application” options. Then go to the section “updating and security” in the sidebar and select “activate”.

The right information is displayed on the status of the activation of your system. If another license is not tied to your Microsoft account, you will see the option “Add the Microsoft account. Click on it and enter your account information you want to link to the product key.

After the operation completes, the activation status will be changed. Now should you receive the message “Windows 10 has been activated using the digital licenses associated with your Microsoft account. This means that the system is correctly connected the license code from your Microsoft account and now to your “account” linked digital license. It can install the Windows 10 product key buy operating system without entering a key 10-Windows will be automatically activated when you log in to your account at Microsoft.

How to know the Windows 10  license key

The new version of the OS was available as a free upgrade to Windows 7, 8 and 8.5. Users of earlier versions of the Microsoft operating system, could also get 10 free Windows — but only in a test version, which has some limitations. The third option is that we buy a new computer preloaded with the OS on it and get the unique ID for it.

Each copy of the product is tied to your windows 10 license key. In addition, the system is tied to our Microsoft account, that will come in handy when subsequent updates or when you change computer. Keys on Windows 10 could be divided into 3 categories:

taken from a previous version of Windows;
for the test version;
are available when purchasing Windows 10  (for example, with a new computer).
Key actually may be need for only the first and third cases. In a test version, it doesn’t really matter.

Find the license code is very easy and simple. It is enough to use the freeware utility buy windows 10 product key online. It is suitable for both ten and earlier versions from Microsoft.

After running the utility in the main part of the window displays information about all Microsoft product keys. That is, it is not only about 10 Windows, and displays information about the Internet Explorer or, for example, Office suite Microsoft Office.

Windows 10 review: The best Windows OS yet

It took Microsoft 30 years, but the new Start menu, Edge browser, apps and Cortana make Windows 10 the best Windows yet. Windows 10 is free for most people and offers plenty of new features and apps. We explore the new features and explain why they’re worth having in our Windows 10 review. See also: how to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 10.

You can also check out our How to10 guide and quick fixes for common problems after upgrading

Update 12 May 2016: On 11 May, Microsoft windows 10 pro key received two new updates to Windows 10, which change the user experience. One is linked to Wi-Fi Sense being axed, the other to Edge browser finally receiving its much needed extensions.

Update 25 April 2016:  two Windows 10 updates KB3147461 and KB3147458 in April 2016, which caused issues for a large portion of people running on these patched updates. We would therefore be cautious before hitting that update button. Furthermore, on 22 April 2016, Microsoft released its Insider Preview Build 14328, which incorporates and functionalities. The full details can be found on buy windows 10 pro product key Microsoft’s blog.

Buy Windows 10 Professional CD KEY,Windows 10 Product Keys 100% Working Serial Keys

windows 10 key sale is an operating system from Microsoft Corporation for servers, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, and other connected devices (i.e. Internet of Things). The OS was formally announced on September 30, 2014, in San Francisco with Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson on stage. It was released worldwide on July 29, 2015.

Windows 10 for Phones was released as a Technical Preview on February 12, 2015 to various Lumia phones. The OS had the internal codename ‘Threshold’.

A Technical Preview for the OS was windows 7 product key launched on October 1, 2014 by Microsoft for users to try an early version of Windows 10 for feedback. On January 21, 2015, Microsoft revealed the consumer side of Windows 10, including its plans for mobile and gaming. The final unveiling of Windows 10 took place during Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference.

Activation helps verify that your copy of Windows is genuine and hasn’t been used on more devices than the Software License Terms allow.

How you activate Windows 10 after reinstalling it depends on how Windows 10 was originally installed on your device.

If you activated your free upgrade to product key windows 10 or bought and activated Windows 10 from the Windows Store, you have a digital entitlement for your device. This means you can reinstall the same edition of Windows 10 that your device has a digital entitlement for without entering a product key. During reinstallation, if you’re asked to enter a product key, select Skip. Your device will automatically activate online after the installation is complete.

If you previously installed and activated Windows 10 using a product key, you’ll need to enter the product during the reinstallation.


One more major Windows 10 hassle: Upgrading your computer might mess with your free Windows 10 activation

Windows 10 is one of the most praised, Microsoft products of 2015, but the new operating system isn’t providing users with a hassle-free experience. Privacy concerns, upgrade bugs, massive data consumption, and future update worries are just of the few instances where Windows 10 has proven to be quite an annoying new OS. In case that’s not enough, there’s one more reason to worry about your free Windows 10 install, especially if you’re the kind of PC user who constantly upgrades his or her desktop.


Every time you change the hardware of your computer, especially major components, there’s a chance that Windows 10 will not recognize the machine as a computer that’s allowed to run an authorized version of Windows 10. Instead, it might be labeled as a non-genuine Windows 10 install, buy windows 10 pro key and there’s no automated process to make that kind of error disappear.

According to How-to Geek, Windows 10 doesn’t come with a serial key that you can use and reuse every time you want to install a fresh copy on the same computer. While the system will automatically detect that you’re allowed to use Windows 10 on a selected machine each time you perform a clean install, it might not do the same once you change individual components, including processor or motherboard.

As long as your PC’s specs coincide with the ones Microsoft registered about you when it gave you a free Windows 10 update, you’re always going to be just fine. cheap windows 10 product key, Once those specs differ, you’re in temporary trouble.

Norton Security Deluxe – 5 Devices [Key Card]

The only fix is contacting Microsoft support to tell them your story, at which point your Windows 10 license will be activated on the computer. To do so, you have to go to the Services & apps app, then Windows, then Setting Up. In there you can chat with a Microsoft support representative or have one call you on the phone so that you can explain your problem and await a fix. A couple of weeks ago, buy windows 10 pro product key online, Microsoft confirmed that’s the way to go, so this solution will fix your Windows 10 activation issues on an upgraded PC.

There’s one more problem Windows 10 users who came from Windows 7 or Windows 8 should be aware of. Even if they purchased a full retail license of either Windows 7 or Windows 8 and then move to Windows 10, that doesn’t give them the right install Windows 10 on a brand-new machine.

Full retail licenses let anyone take their Windows license from one PC to the next, as long as they remove it from the previous machine. buy windows 10 pro product key, But upgrading from a full retail license of Windows 7 or Windows 8 doesn’t get you a free, portable, full retail Windows 10 license as you’d expect. That’s something you’ll have to buy key.

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1 Unable to Change Windows 10 Product Key——the problem has been resolved

2 Windows 10 Product Key + Serial Key——-Windows 10 Activator

Essential Advice about Windows 10 Updating, Reinstalling And Activating To Avoid Problems

Here’s a complete guide on how to avoid problems if you haven’t already updated, how download it, install it and activate it to make sure you register your free copy.

windows 10 home product key

Windows 10 Professional - OLP

Update first to activate

Whether you want to install a fresh or just install the update and leave it at that (this can install Windows 10 but keep all your files and programs intact), it’s a very good idea to install the update first by allowing Windows Update to do its thing or by forcing the download. This takes information about your system and allows Microsoft to register it, activating your copy of Windows 10 forever – you won’t be obtaining your free copy till you’ve activated. After this, you’ll be able to reinstall to your hearts content but if you create your own install media and install a fresh straight away,  you risk not being able to activate your operating system – more information on this in a minute.

Force the installation


Some users have found that they’re still waiting for the update to be applied and I’ve certainly experienced this on one of my personal systems. I reserved Windows 10 and made sure my previous OS was up to date and of course it’s genuine too. However, I’m still waiting for things to kick off. Thankfully there’s a way to force the update to happen and to create your own media for installing a fresh on your PCs.

Don’t have genuine product key/your key is built into your device?

windows 10 10074 product key

Some devices including laptops made by manufacturers such as Dell, don’t have windows 10 home product key sticker located on the device somewhere. So, if you wipe your device and try to install a fresh, you’ll likely come unstuck when it comes to activating. windows 10 pro key, In most of these cases, the key is stored in the BIOS of the system, so when you’d use your restore media to reinstall Windows, the OS would automatically activate online without you needing to do anything.

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Professional Edition free upgrade key

According to Forbes, Microsoft Community Forum has released a free upgrade key, buy windows 7 product key only, help users upgrade to Windows 10 Professional Edition.


Windows 10 Professional Product Key

Usage is:

1. “set” (Settings)-> “upgrade and security” (Update and Security)-> “activate” (Activation)-> “change product key” (Change Product Key)

Or directly in the Cortana enter “Change Product Key”

2. the key is: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T

Your system will automatically start after upgrade to Windows 10 Pro (Professional Edition). Microsoft says that this applies only to the Windows Build 10586 10 Home Edition user.

Build 10240: Did you get assigned a license/product key?

Even more crucial is that upgrading is free, but, after entering the desktop that is needed to activate the professional version, buy windows 7 product key cheap, buying into the “set” (Settings) “activate” (Activation) page, and then click the “store” (Go to Store).

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Windows 10 Pro Product Key 64-bit

Windows 10 Pro upgrade $ 199, $ 80 more expensive than Windows 10 Home.