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The updated app features a streamlined interface that scales to fit a variety of screens. Meanwhile, new controls allow administrators to better manage Office Groups in large enterprises.
Microsoft has updated its Office 365 Admin app for Android and Windows Phone, the company announced June 14. Apple iOS users will receive the update within the next two weeks.

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The focus this time around, according to windows 7 professional activation key Anne Michels, senior product marketing manager for Microsoft Office 365 Marketing, was on helping users navigate the app faster and providing a user experience (UX) that is more consistent with other Office 365 administration interfaces.

“The admin app has a very clean and simple interface that makes it easy to use on a variety of screen sizes,” blogged Michels. “And with the new update (for those of you who pay attention to version numbers, it’s V3), we are further improving and modernizing the design and UX of the app.”
Finally, taking design cues windows 7 professional activation code from the Office 365 Admin Center, the app sports the same color and icons as the browser-based tool. Aligning both versions helps provide a more seamless transition for users moving between the mobile app and the browser-based tool, said Michels.

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Also this week, Microsoft announced the release of new Office 365 Groups administration features, including the ability to better manage groups in enterprises that use more than one email domain.

“Larger organizations use separate email domains to reflect different parts of their businesses,” explained Christophe Fiessinger, a senior product windows 7 professional activation key free download manager at Microsoft Office 365 Marketing, in a separate blog post. “Office 365 groups that are created by users in one domain will share that domain (as opposed to using a common domain across the tenant). Administrators now also have control to create groups in specific domains of their choosing.”

Microsoft also seems to have slimmed windows 7 home premium sp1 32 bit product key down the dashboard view from previous iterations. It shows “Messages” and “Health” up front, with the “Users” and “Support” tiles dropped from the display.

Not everything can be done using the app, but Microsoft is claiming to have thousands of users since product launch in 2014. “We’re now at a point where the app can stand on its own, and we have many customers — especially small businesses — who use the app as their main windows 7 professional activation key free administration tool,” Microsoft claimed. It’s also used by Microsoft’s partners to manage accounts.

There are a couple of new features. First, there’s a “feature grouping” capability. When IT pros view a user card, they now get a list of quick actions to take, such as password reset, license assignment, deletion or the ability to block a user.

Second, the application now highlights some information. For instance, it will note users that are blocked in red type, per Microsoft’s announcement.

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